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Useful Guide Helps You Safely Forage for Mushrooms

How to Forage for Mushrooms without Dying, An Absolute Beginners Guide to Identifying 29 Wild, Edible Mushrooms, by Frank Hyman, is an engaging and informative guide to mushrooms. If you’ve ever come across a fungus on a hike and wondered, “Can I eat that?” this book is for you.

Here, expert advice is presented in a friendly and easy-to-digest (no pun intended) manner. Most readers will learn everything they want to know about wild mushrooms: where to find them, how to identify them, how to handle and store them, and even how to prepare them. (Spoiler alert: don’t eat them raw – cook them well.) Mushroom lovers will enjoy discovering new varieties and appreciate learning how to preserve their haul to enjoy at a later date.

Beautiful color close-up photos will help you accurately identify different types of mushroom. Common look-alike varieties are pointed out, (some of which are decidedly NOT edible) with helpful tips to spot what are sometimes only subtle differences. The author reminds readers that some varieties of mushrooms can be poisonous if ingested; seeking out expert help is sometimes a very good idea.

New foragers may get so caught up in the thrill of the hunt that they talk their traveling companions into foraging excursions on vacation (or even plan a vacation around hot foraging spots). For these enthusiasts, Hyman offer tips to find local experts (especially since some varieties differ in appearance by locality). As a caution to zealous foragers who expect to make a fortune dealing in unusual and rare mushroom varieties, he also discusses the legality of selling wild mushrooms . A useful resource list includes links to recipes.

The book’s smaller size (roughly 5×7) means it will fit easily in a backpack to accompany you on hiking and camping trips. Since the information within can provide you the means to find food in the woods, you might find it one of the more valuable items in your pack.

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