Get Outside Holiday Gift Ideas – Gear

While many outdoor activities require little or no equipment, or items you can easily rent or borrow, sometimes it is nice to have your own gear, especially if you plan to do these things more often. There are of course the big items such as a bicycle, canoe, kayak, stand-up paddle board or skis. TheseRead More

Get Outside Holiday Gift Ideas – Gadgets and Toys

The number of gadgets seems to be endless. While many of these are not necessary, some of them can make things easier and/or more fun. Some you may need infrequently, but be glad you have when the need arises. When spending extended time outdoors, such as when camping, having a couple toys around can certainlyRead More

Get Outside Holiday Gift Ideas – Outdoor Clothing

Though many don’t think of clothes as being particularly exciting gifts, pieces designed to wear while exploring the outdoors may be the exception. There are specialized clothing options for any outdoor activity. Though these items are not generally necessary to enjoy these activities, they are designed to improve performance and comfort and may be aRead More