Book review

Get More Out of Your Swiss Army Knife

Victorinox Swiss Army Knife Camping & Outdoor Survival Guide: 101 Tips Tricks and Uses by Bryan Lynch is both history book and practical guide. Dating to 1891, the Swiss Army Knife is arguably the most recognizable pocket knife of all time. Whether purchased new or passed down through the family, many fans of the Swiss Army Knife have a tough time leaving home without it.

While many people own one of these popular red knives, not all realize the versatility or the interesting history. Most are probably also unaware of how many varieties there are and how to use some of the many tools included on some models. This book will change all that. Here Lynch lists various uses and instructs newbies on the importance of regular maintenance and cleaning and recommends safe uses, proper techniques, and methods of sharpening. He also provides general survival and outdoor skills and tips useful to anyone with a desire to explore the natural world.

This book will teach you to use your knife to create survival tools you don’t have. You’ll learn how to make cordage (from tree bark, grasses or vines) and how to “make do” when you lose or break an item such as your pack frame or when you find yourself in unexpected situations. (The book even includes instructions on how to make gloves, sunglasses and snow goggles!)

As they book progresses, readers learn techniques that will make them believe they could survive at least several days lost in the wilderness. While it seems incredible that one simple tool could make such a difference, Lynch will convince you it’s true.

It goes without saying that a Swiss Army Knife can play a significant rolw in your outdoor cooking, but the book also teaches you to objects that will make cooking easier. Other “how-tos” include how to create a water purifier, a portable fire kit and how to build a shelter complete with a perimeter alarm system.

While the outdoors is certainly the most obvious place to use your knife, not everyone is the outdoorsy type. For those individuals, the author points out other everyday uses of your knife, for example for personal care and grooming or basic first aid.

No matter where you carry it, devotees will agree, the Swiss Army Knife is one of your best friends. This book will make your relationship even stronger.

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