Book review

With the Right Guidance, Bird Watching Can Be Contagious

I Love Birds! by Jennifer Ward is a charming, fun, and educational guide to the world of birds. This book provides information and suggestions for activities to help any parent (even those who know nothing more than a feathered creature is a bird) teach their child about birds and enjoy observing them.

By suggesting that readers Observe, Take Note and Take Action, the author encourages kids and parents alike to use all their senses in bird watching as she suggests questions to ask and details to record. The book not only helps identify birds, it also suggests activities that will both spark conversations and inspire families to explore the hows and whys of bird behavior.

Separated by season, the book is a guide for families to find, identify and interact with birds all year long. (Readers are reminded that a bird’s appearances may change by season and as it ages.) It offers valuable suggestions for viewing birds without scaring them off as well as tips for getting great photos.

A handy list of resources provides more information for the adult now being interrogated by a new bird-loving child. Fun activities prompt more questions (such as “what is that bird saying?”) and encourage empathy as well as foster a connection to our feathered friends. Suggested scavenger hunts will entertain kids and adults alike.

The charming illustrations by Alexander Vidal complement the text. Readers will be excited for their next opportunity to get outside and look for birds.

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