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    A Comprehensive DIY Guide to the Van Life

    The van life concept dates back to 1910 when vehicles like the Packard truck were adapted for travel. (Wikipedia takes the concept back further, to horse drawn wagons, such as the covered Conestoga wagons that populated the early western frontier in the U.S.) Life on wheels (either full time or as a camping option) has had its aficionados and detractors for decades. More recently, the pandemic brought about lifestyle changes that accelerated the trend of people at least trying out a “digital nomad” lifestyle. The Van Conversion Bible: The Ultimate Guide to Converting a Campervan by Charlie Low and Dale Comley is a thorough DIY guide to creating and using…

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    Ricketts Glen Is a Gem in the Endless Mountains

    Ricketts Glen State Park, in the Endless Mountains of eastern Pennsylvania, is a popular recreation spot year round. Home to 22 named waterfalls, as well as numerous other trails and Lake Jean, the park has something to offer for the adventurous and beach lovers alike. The park is named for Colonel Robert Bruce Ricketts, a Civil War veteran who at one time owned much of the park land and the surrounding Game Lands. Fishermen exploring his land found the waterfalls, and Colonel Ricketts built trails to the falls, which became known as the Glens Natural Area. He named the waterfalls after American Indian Tribes and his friends and family. In…

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    A Multitude of Things to See and Do on the Chesapeake

    My husband learned about Elk Neck State Park in central Maryland from a co-worker shortly after we starting taking camping trips with our family. We have since been back and it is one of my favorite camping spots. The park is on a peninsula between the Elk River and the Chesapeake Bay. The park is on over 2188 acres and its landscape includes beaches, wooded areas, marshes and cliffs, and a big draw for me, a lighthouse. Our first visit, we made the easy hike to the Turkey Point Lighthouse where we could walk around the grounds. On a return visit, the lighthouse had been restored and we were able…